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SketchUp Model

There is a Google SketchUp model of the Laramie Depot available at: Currently Unavailable, N scale model available below

Once you download the model, you can fly around it and view it from any angle using Google SketchUp.  You can also upload it to Google Earth.  You will need to download Google SketchUp and Google Earth in order to do this, but both are free.  Here are a couple of views of the SketchUp model:

SketchUp 1

SketchUp model, town side

SketchUp model, track side



N Scale Model

You can also make a paper or cardboard N Scale (1:160) model of the Laramie Depot.  Images of the walls and roof may be downloaded from:  

Center roof

Main roof



There are four image files to download.  Copy them to a Word document, and then print them using landscape orientation on legal size paper, and set the scale to 100%.


Walls and Floor Assembly


Cut the floor (gray) and attached walls as a single unit from the sheet of paper.  Include the tabs, which are outlined in red.  At the places marked “Cut”, cut a line to separate the middle walls from the outside walls – cut all the way to the floor.   Score the places where the walls meet the floor on the printed side, and fold the walls up so the printed sides are on the outside.  Fill the gaps between the middle and outside walls with the included spacers (they resemble chimneys).  Be very careful when you cut the spacers from the sheet of paper, because the white lower part is difficult to distinguish from the white of the paper.  The spacers have tabs, outlined in red, which can be folded and attached to the walls.



The completed wall/floor assembly.



For increased strength, add wood stiffeners– the picture above shows 1/8” x 1/8” balsa strips used for this purpose.  


Roof Assembly

Cut the main roof from the paper as a single piece, then score lengthwise along the middle on the printed side and lengthwise along the outer score lines on the unprinted side.  Glue the roof to pieces of 1/32” balsa sheet for added strength.  Use the “Main Roof Profiles” as a guide for the proper angles of the bends. These can be glued to sheet balsa and inserted under the roof (they may need to be trimmed by removal of the thickness of the roof from the top of the profile).  Glue the two end pieces in place using the tabs (you may need to trim the tabs).  Strengthen with 1/32” sheet balsa.



Remove, score, and bend the center roof section as you did with the main roof.




The center roof section fits over the gray area of the main roof.  Pieces of 1/8” and 1/16” balsa sheet can be glued between them to provide strength and the proper separation.  Use the center roof section as a guide for the size and shape of these balsa sheets.  Attach the center roof edges (tabs are provided, but you may find it easier to cut or sand some balsa strips to use as a base).



Cut the six dormer sides and roofs from the sheet and assemble them as shown.  Again, balsa sheet or strips can be used in lieu of the tabs.  There are two types of dormers, one for the town side and north side, the other for the track side and south side.  The difference between these two types is the shadows on the window.



Attach the dormers to the roof in the grayed locations, aligning them with the bends in the roof.



Place the roof on a sheet of balsa or cardboard and trace its outline.  Cut along the outline and attach the sheet to the bottom of the roof.  Attach the roof to the walls.  The model is complete!


Photo of the completed N Scale Depot.