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Railroad Heritage Park


Railroad Heritage Park, to begin construction in 2009, will bring together four pieces of railroad equipment currently scattered in various places around Laramie, Wyoming. It will be a great train: A snow plow, engine, bunk car and caboose – a 1950s snow train assembled to keep the rail lines open in the fierce Wyoming winters. It will be a tribute to the hard working men and women of Laramie and the West who braved the elements to keep the other trains running. The train will not only serve an historical function, but it will also be “coherent”, meaning that it could have existed in the real world, operating in exactly this assemblage. This will make our display rare, valuable, and a potentially strong tourist attraction.

This is a scale model of the Depot and Railroad Heritage Park.  The Union Pacific mainline is to the top of the model, while First Street is along the bottom edge.  The train consists of (from left to right) the snow plow, engine, bunk car, caboose.  Unmodeled portions of the scene are whited out.

A closeup of the model of our 1950s snow train.  From bottom to top:  Snow plow, engine, bunk car, caboose.  The  train is on a slight curve facing south (eastbound).



Union Pacific snow plow 900015, originally numbered 015.  This will lead our train.  Presently in Laramie's West Side.


Union Pacific 2-8-0 535 - power for the train.  Presently in LaBonte Park, Laramie.


 Union Pacific 6 man bunk car - quarters for the work gang.  Presently in Laramie's West Side.


Union Pacific caboose 25232 - office and quarters for the train crew.  Presently on S. 3rd St. near I-80.


Photo of a train very similar to the one we will place in Railroad Heritage Park.  The photo appears on page 159 of Lucius Beebe’s Highball:  A Pageant of Trains, Bonanaza Books, Crown Publishers, Inc., New York, 1945.  The undated photo was taken about 20 miles west of Laramie on the way to Centennial.


Wedge snow plow UP 900015 on the cover of The Streamliner (quarterly journal of the Union Pacific Historical Society).  Photo taken Dec. 27, 1982, near Strasburg, CO.


 UP 535 in Laramie, 1950s.



 Bunk car - ours is similar and from the same road number series.


This simulates how our bunk car might look like after receiving its 1950s paint scheme of silver with black lettering.  (We might also remove the security bars from the windows and door.)