Laramie Railroad Depot
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If you are an avid train enthusiast then look no further! The Laramie Railroad Depot has to of great history! There are lots of artifacts from the early days of the Union Pacific Railroad and the Laramie Hahn’s Peak and Pacific Railroad. The museum is a great place to rent out for events and parties. I see something new every I stop in. Check it out!
— James

The Laramie Railroad Depot was built in 1924 to replace the town's original Union Pacific Depot/Hotel that was destroyed by fire in 1917.  It served as Laramie's Union Pacific passenger depot until 1971 and as an Amtrak depot until 1983. In 1985, the Union Pacific Railroad gave the Depot to the Laramie Plains Museum, which then transferred ownership to the Laramie Railroad Depot Association in 2009. 

The Depot is the only remaining building left from the once large Union Pacific presence in Laramie and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1988. The railroad is the reason for the City’s original existence, and the Depot is an important part of Laramie’s historic legacy.

The building houses a museum of railroad memorabilia and is used for various community functions such as music concerts, art exhibits and public meetings. The building is also used to raise revenue to maintain itself through rentals for weddings, banquets and other events.